What We Take


Sectional Sofa (per Sect), 3 Cushion Sofa, 4 Cushion Sofa, Hideabed Q Sofa, Loveseat, Occasional Chair, Overstuffed Chair, Ottoman, Recliner Chair, Coffee Table, End Table, Sofa Table, Stereo Comp./Rack, Speaker, Portable TV (13″ or less), Table Top TV (19″-32″), TV (33″-36″), Big Screen TV (40″ & Up), VCR/DVD, G/Mother Clock, G/Father Clock, Bookcase, Wall Unit/per Unit, Spinet Piano, Upright or Baby Grand Piano, Grand Piano, Piano Bench, Organ, Table Lamp, Pole Lamp, Entertainment Center


Dining Table, Dining Chair, Server, Buffet, Hutch


Kitchen Table, Microwave, Microwave Cart, Baker’s Rack, Utility Cabinet, High Chair


File Cabinet (2 Drawer), File Cabinet (4 Drawer), Office Desk, Executive Desk, Desk Chair, Safe, Bookcase, Cabinet, China Cabinet, Flat Screen TV, VCRs


Single Bed (H-10 F-5), Double Bed (H-10 F-5), Queen Bed (H-10 F-5), King Bed (H-10 F-5), Bunk Bed (T/T Set), Bunk Bed (T/D Set), Chest of Drawers, Double Dresser (M-5), Triple Dresser (M-5), Armoire, Night Stand, Cedar Chest, Vanity, Chaise Lounge, Mirror Frame


Crib or Playpen, Changing Table, Toy Chest, Child’s Chair, Child’s Table, Stroller, Car Seat


A/C (Window Small), A/C (Window Large) Dehumidifier, Washer, Dryer, Dishwasher, Refrigerator (6-10 cu. ft.), Refrigerator (11 cu. ft. and over), Heater


BBQ Grill, Plastic Lawn Chair, Porch Chair, Porch Recliner, Picnic Table, Picnic Bench, Umbrella, Glider


Portable Child’s Gym, Sand Box, Riding Lawn Mower, Push Lawn Mower, Wheelbarrow, Leaf Sweeper, Garden Tools (hose, rake, shovel, etc)


Exercise Bike, Home Gym, Weight Bench, Treadmill, Stair Stepper


Trash Can, Tool Box, Step Ladder, Ladder, Extension Ladder, Work Bench


Aquarium, Small Area Rug, Large Area Rug, Portable Bar, Bar Stool, Bike, Bowling Bag/Ball, Card Table, Clothes Basket, Clothes Hamper, Coat Rack, Cooler, Curio Cabinet, DVD/VHS Rack, Fan, Fireplace Equipment, Folding Chair, Folding Cot, Golf Bag, Ironing Board, Magazine Rack, Metal Shelves (Each), Small Picture, Large Picture, Sofa size Picture, Ping Pong Table, Plant Stand, Slate Pool Table, Power Tools (Each), Room Divider, Sewing Machine, Sewing Table, Suitcase, Tackle Box, Trunk, TV Tray Set (4), Vacuum Cleaner, Waste Basket


Cars, Motorcycles, Metals, Jewelry, Money…

** Call ahead for price and list and verification: 301-868-1707.

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